Barge Service

With 54 shared rivers, India and Bangladesh have significant possibilities to harness the trade and economic benefits of inland waterways. Movement of cargo by river route is a niche area and one that has immense potential in the future.

The PDP Group® offers barge service from GR Jetty, Kolkata to Narayungunj, Bangladesh. Customers may send their cargo in containerized mode or in loose/ bulk mode to GR Jetty Terminal, Kolkata. Upon completion of export customs clearance formalities, we will arrange for cargo movement in barge. Our company, PDP International Pvt Ltd is an MTO certified Freight Forwarding company and will issue Bill of Lading upon successful loading of cargo. The import customs clearance will take place at Hemnagar, Bangladesh and the consignee will take delivery from Narayungunj in Bangladesh.

Customers looking for uninterrupted cargo movement to Bangladesh using river route may avail our barge service facility. The Government’s heavy investments in developing Waterways has enabled a strong
infrastructure for availing river route.


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