Container Rail Operations

Cargo movement by rail to our landlocked neighbouring countries is a feasible alternative to road transportation. Not only does rail movement avoid delays due to No Entry restrictions and road congestion, but cargo transportation via rail is more eco-friendly as well.

The PDP Group® provides complete end to end rail movement from Durgapur, West Bengal to Benapole, Bangladesh. Customers simply need to send their cargo to our ICD in Durgapur and we take care of the rest! Our company, Allied ICD Services Ltd. ensures smooth loading of loose cargo on ‘Side Open Containers’ and uses the Rail Terminal in Durgapur to perform cargo movement to Bangladesh. All types of cargo (except powdered milk) are allowed for export to Bangladesh by rail. Customers will avoid heavy congestion at Land Customs Stations by availing the rail route.

Our companies, P. D. Prasad & Sons Pvt Ltd and PDP International Pvt Ltd provide customs clearance at ICD Durgapur. Officials of Indian Customs are stationed at ICD Durgapur on 24/7 basis. Once all formalities are completed and the containers are loaded on rake, the movement to Bangladesh takes place. The import customs clearance takes place at Benapole and the rake may be unloaded by the consignee at Jessore (approximately 35 KM from Benapole). Jessore area is very spacious and the consignee will be able to perform quick de-stuffing of cargo from the rake directly to trailers, thereby avoiding dual handling charges.

Allied ICD Services Ltd. also has rail contract at CTDI, Durgapur for seamless movement of EXIM container rakes between ICD Durgapur and Gateway Ports of Kolkata and Haldia.


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