Digital Network

We live in the era of Industry 4.0. Efficiency is the key and getting more work done in less time is the mantra for success in the modern age.

Despite providing a range of logistic services, our clients may expect consistency across the value chain due to our cloud-based ERP integration. Whether it comes to manpower/ asset management or real time transport/ operations tracking, our digital network ensures that data is always at customer’s fingertips.

All our trailers and heavy equipment are managed on the cloud. System generated notifications for expiry of documents such as Road Tax, Insurance, etc. ensures that our team is not engaged in menial tasks of scrutinizing individual paperwork. They can devote their time on ways to improve productivity and enhance customer delight. Our asset management tools ensures data capture of each and every item issued to any trailer/ heavy equipment or any repairs done over the years. This assists in statistical analysis and in optimal use of our resources.

Employees are the backbone of any organization. Yet several companies often fail to get the most out of their Human Resource. Our cloud-based Employee Management database enables us to pull information of any employee in a matter of minutes. This greatly reduces the clerical job of sorting through files and manually verifying information. Our HR team can therefore devote their time in more productive activities such as employee training and development so that they are ready to serve the customers in a more efficient manner.

Operations Management is what makes or breaks a company. With high volumes of container movement and multiple handling at various locations, organizations spend hours doing back end data entry work. Our cloud-based Operations and Transport Management modules capture data in real time and provide system generated reports which are mailed to customers. The reports are customizable based on customer demands. By eliminating the need to manually enter data in an excel sheet and spend hours slogging on the computer to update backlog, our team is focused on finding new ways to make operations leaner and smarter.

By analyzing volumes of data in a matter of minutes, managing assets and human resource remotely and making real time data entry, we give customers the exact picture of their shipment. This ensures customer satisfaction and emphasizes our motto of ‘Moving Beyond Logistics’. We take that extra step to stay ahead of the curve and reach new levels of customer delight. We do not consider ourselves as simply a ‘logistics partner’. In fact, we believe ourselves to be a ‘solutions partner’ and we aim to add value to our client’s operations.