Freight Forwarding

In today’s digital age, the entire world is a marketplace. Cost-effective shipment of cargo is the key to gaining competitive advantage. Choosing an experienced freight forwarding company helps customers have peace of mind during the entire pre-shipment and post-shipment process.

The PDP Group® has been in the freight forwarding business for over 25 years and has a worldwide agency network. We have a ‘Multimodal Transport Operator’ (MTO) license, issued by DG Shipping, Govt. of India which enables us to conduct movement of cargo using two or more modes of transport under a single Bill of Lading (BL). This provides customers with greater flexibility and the ability to send cargo to/ from hinterland customs stations under a single BL.

We also specialize in handling air consignments. We are IATA certified which enables us to get competitive air freight rates. Customers can expect quick response and smooth processing of their shipments thanks to our experienced team of employees, completely digital systems and good rapport with all shipping lines.

Our company, PDP International Pvt Ltd is a member of the prestigious FIATA association and WCAWorld, which enables us to provide efficient freight forwarding solutions across the globe at competitive pricing .


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