IT and HR Solutions

Logistics Industry is evolving at a dynamic pace. Companies need to adopt technologies and digital processes to maximise efficiency. At the same time, employee engagement is essential to reduce attrition rate and to efficiently manage Human Resources.

We have partnered with WEBSYS, a credible IT company to offer digital solutions to logistic service providers. Whether it comes to Trailer/ Asset Management, Digitalizing Cargo Handling Processes, Managing Warehouses or Inventory Management, WEBSYS offers complete digital solutions to customers. The PDP Group® provides regular feedback and industry perspective to WEBSYS, thereby ensuring a logistics friendly software which is accessible to every employee. It is pertinent to note that your data privacy is of utmost priority and your entire data is stored on a secure cloud server.

The PDP Group®, in collaboration with ‘The Silver Lining Wellness Centre’ also provides HR activities to companies wishing to transform their Employer- Employee relations. ‘The Silver Lining’ team of has strong HR experience as well as relevant understanding of the Logistics/ EXIM industry. Training Programs on topics related to Emotional Intelligence, Personal Development, Group Effectiveness, Workplace Ethics, Stress Management etc. are conducted with follow-up sessions to highlight areas which may be worked upon.

Companies wishing to know more about our digital solutions and HR training modules may click here to send a mail