Operations refers to the system, structure, and process of handling commercial cargo. Secure and timely handling of cargo is essential in today’s world. In order to stay competitive in the global supply chain, customers require service providers that have an expertise in handling different cargo types, digitally managed reporting systems and an experienced set of employees.

The PDP Group® has the infrastructure and skilled manpower to cater to customer needs. We have adequate heavy equipment machines at our disposal which are constantly monitored and maintained to ensure minimal delays during the cargo handling process. All our locations have covered warehousing space for storage of consignments. The entire operations are digitally monitored, and customers may expect complete transparency when availing our services.

A wide range of skilled manpower and heavy equipment enables us to efficiently handle commodities of various industries such as steel, tyre, metallurgical, leather, tea, glass, etc
. Modern infrastructure with mechanical and manual handling facilities are available in our following locations:


List of Operations Sites


  • (D1, Hide Road, Kolkata 700043)
  • Location
  • >2 KM from Kolkata Port
  • Operations  Area
  • 100,000 sq. ft.

  • Jain Kunj

  • 43A Ramkrishna Dev Sarani, Hide Road Extension, Kolkata 700088)
  • Location
  • >3 KM from Kolkata Port
  • Operations Area
  • 40,000 sq. ft.

  • Transport Depot Road

  • (10/A Transport Depot Road, Kolkata 700088)
  • Location
  • >4 KM from Kolkata Port
  • Operations Area
  • 30,000 sq. ft.

  • Hoboken

  • (Hoboken Depot, 4D, Hide Road,
    Kolkata 700088)
  • Location
  • >3 KM from Kolkata Port
  • Operations Area
  • 32,500 sq. ft.

    EPIP, Durgapur

  • (EPIP, Banskopa, Durgapur 713212))
  • Location
  • Inside ICD Durgapur premises
  • Operations Area
  • 520,000 sq. ft.

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