RFID E-Sealing

RFID E- Sealing enables quick movement of export cargo from client factory to gateway port/ ICD. It is an excellent initiative of Indian Customs to reduce transaction cost and to make the supply chain more efficient.

Indian Customs has published a list of authorized e-seal vendors in its circular 36/2017. One of the vendors is M/s SEPIO Products Pvt Ltd. The company is based in Mumbai and provides high quality bolt seals of Taiwanese make. The seals have a double lock mechanism for added security and they are ISO - 17712 certified.

Our company, PDP International Pvt. Ltd. is the authorized partner of SEPIO Products in West Bengal. With SEPIO’s high quality seals and our strong manpower presence in Kolkata Port, Haldia Port as well as ICD Durgapur, we provide comprehensive solutions to all our clients. Seals are readily without any wait times. A 24/7 multilingual helpdesk enables us to solve issues at the ground level in real time.


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